Title Bar Abbreviations Used on Pages

Abbreviation Description
###.# The PL Frequency In Hz (Where # = The Numbers In The Frequency)
D### The DPL Code. (Where #= The Numbers In The DPL Code)
Digital Frequency Uses A Digital Transmission Mode. These Frequencies Do Not Use Standard PL/ DPL Tones. The Code Is Part Of The Transmission Packet
CC## Digital Mobile Radio - Color Code #
EDACS Part Of An EDACS Trunkinig System
LTR Frequency Is Part Of An LTR Trunking System
MOT Frequency Is Part Of A Motorola Trunking System
NAC### P25 NAC - Network Access Code
None No PL Or DPL Tone Is Used
NXDN48 NXDN46 - Nexedge
NXDN96 NXDN96 - Nexedge
RAN ### NXDN - Radio Access Number
UNK Unknown - The PL Or DPL Code Is Unknown
Abbreviation Description
D Duplex
R Repeater
S Simplex
T Trunked
U Unknown
Abbreviation Description
AV Aviation Radio Service. Planes And Helicopters Air Band
B Business
EMS Emergency Medical Service
FD Fire
FD/EMS Fire And Emergency Medical Services
GMRS General Mobile Radio Service
LG Local Government. Used For Department Of Public Works, Animal Control And Any Other Municipal Operation. May Also Be Labeled as LG If More Than One Service Uses The Frequency, For Example :  Police, Fire, And DPW All Use The Frequency.
MR Marine Band Radio
PD Police
PG Paging
RR Railroad
TX Taxi
UT Utilities. Includes Electric, Gas, And Water Companies
Abbreviation Description
#-- Designates Unit Numbers. -- Means That Multiple Numbers Are Used After The Designator.