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About these pages :

The Pittsburgh area scanning page contains information that has been confirmed by myself. I will not post
frequencies or information, that I have not been able to confirm. Things are changing frequently in Allegheny County. I will usually post the changes to the PGHScanner blog first, and then update the pages.

I will not post surveillance frequencies, federal, military or other frequencies of a sensitive nature.

Information that I have received, and have not been able to confirm may be posted on the blog. I will credit the source of the information, unless they chose not to be credited.

I will accept changes, tips, corrections, or comments at the email address listed.

The Washington County listing is also based on frequencies that I have confirmed. I do monitor Washington county regularly, and this information should be good.

The Frequencies in Other Pennsylvania Counties page, is a list of frequencies I have found while traveling. This listing may not be very extensive, and may be outdated in some aspects. I do get out to the Berks County area, so the Berks and surrounding areas are in a little better shape.

Three Rivers Monitoring Association :

Catch the Pittsburgh Area Scanner Net on Sundays at 2100 (9:00pm) On 147.090/147.690 PL 88.5 repeater hosted by Ken WA3FKG. If you are a licensed amateur radio operator please check in and join us. If you are not a licensed amateur radio operator then please listen to the net on your scanner.

Feel free to join us at our meetings of Three Rivers Monitoring Association. We meet on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, at the King's in the Water Works at 1930.

Join the TRMA mailing list on Yahoo. Group is moderated by Joe KR3P. This is by far the best Yahoo Group for  scanner information in  the Pittsburgh area. This is the most active, and informative group for the area. There are several local people who are active in the area.

Click here to join TRAMAlist :,, are not maintained by me. Theses domains were registered by Richard E. Christian. He is in no way associated with me or my sites. He has plagiarized the information, name, style, and content from me. For more information see the Richard E. Christian page.

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